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Siteimprove for Kentico Is a Certified Kentico Extension

August 10, 2018

NewsSiteimprove for Kentico Is a Certified Kentico Extension

Siteimprove for Kentico Is a Certified Kentico Extension

August 10, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Siteimprove for Kentico has joined Compare for Kentico and Connect for Kentico in the Kentico Marketplace as our third Kentico Certified Extension!

Extension Quality Review

Before an extension can officially become certified, Kentico performs a Quality Review. The Quality Review determines whether the extension is fit for distribution. Kentico tests the extension to be sure it is of a necessary quality and performs well in the Kentico platform. If the extension passes initial testing, Kentico will then verify the source code for a solid architecture, security vulnerabilities, and review the extension’s documentation.

About Siteimprove for Kentico

The Siteimprove platform helps content editors and marketers measure a website's effectiveness across Quality Assurance, SEO, and Accessibility. Beyond just understanding performance, you receive a prioritized list of issues that will help you improve content quality, gain better SEO traffic, and create a more inclusive website.

Viewing the Siteimprove dashboard information within Kentico helps to produce and publish better content where it starts - within the Kentico Pages Application.

In near realtime, the Siteimprove for Kentico dashboard provides a listing issues within a page, while the user is creating it:

The above screen capture shows the Siteimprove dashboard with insights into the current page, including a listing of potential misspellings, accessibility errors, and SEO errors.

Watch the Siteimprove Extension installation video:

If you're an existing Siteimprove customer, install the Toolkit for Kentico and add the Siteimprove Extension.

If you're new to the platform, see what the platform can do help you achive your site's marketing goals! Request a demonstration today!

“We’ve been a part of the Kentico Technology partner program from the beginning, and honestly couldn’t be happier with the support the partnership provides. The most impressive aspect of being a part of the program is the direct line of communication that Kentico provides to our team. Any time that we have a question, Kentico makes its top resources available to help us understand the issue and find the best resolution. They truly care about expanding the functionality of Kentico in a quality way and it shows.”

Brian McKeiver, Co-Owner and Kentico MVP
BizStream, USA, Michigan

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