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Checkup Documentation

Cache content (minutes)




The Cache Content setting sets the number of minutes for which web parts/controls, data sources, and general SQL database access cache their content (typically retrieved from the Kentico Xperience database). It is recommended to cache all possible content. For most non-custom data sources, the default dependencies automatically ensure that web parts reload the cached content whenever the data is modified.

Keeping this cache setting set too low forces the site to make calls to the database more often than necessary which can significantly affect your page speed. It is common during develop to have very low cache content settings but this is not recommended for production environments.

Check Logic

Constant Care for Kentico will ensure the Cache content (minutes) setting is at least 10 (default)

You can manage your settings for this checkup in the Constant Care for Kentico admin settings.

Verifying The Check

To determine what your site's Cache Content Minutes are set to you can navigate to the Settings Application and then find the System > Performance settings

From there you will want to find the Server Content Caching section and verify what the Cache content (minutes) setting is configured to. We recommend this be set to at least 10 minutes.

Any time you make a change to setting such as this it is good practice to clear your Kentico Xperience cache and recycle your Application Pool to ensure the changes take effect.

MVC Sites

This setting is not applicable to MVC live sites (unless configured in custom code). For more information on this please visit the Caching In Custom Code portion of the Kentico Xperience documentation or reach out to the Toolkit For Kentico team.

Changes to your site should only be made by an experienced Kentico Xperience developer. If you need assistance in making these changes please reach out to the Toolkit For Kentico team to be connected with a Kentico Xperience partner.