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Toolkit for Kentico

Making it easier to work with Kentico through a suite of extensions.

Why did we build the Toolkit for Kentico?

Kentico is a developers dream with its built in technology support.  For content editors, CRM specialists, analytics users, marketing users, and other users without a strong technical background or access to the server, working with Kentico can be a bit more challenging.  Toolkit for Kentico is a Kentico module that can be used to install extensions that extend base Kentico functionality including connecting Kentico Forms to CRM systems, Comparing and Deploying from one Kentico Installation to another, and searching out code or content within an instance of Kentico.

Who was Toolkit for Kentico built for?

Toolkit was developed to make the lives of developers and/or IT professionals easier by providing an easy to manage system for installing extensions that could help developers troubleshoot and deploy code through the extensions Search and Compare.  With the additions of Connect, Constant Care for Kentico, Siteimprove, and Siteimprove (Premium Extension), marketing professionals, CRM specialists, and content editors have an easy way to connect Kentico forms to a variety of CRM systems.

What versions of Kentico does Toolkit for Kentico support?

At this time, Toolkit for Kentico can be installed on Kentico 12.0 SP1, 12.0, 11.0, 10.x, 9.x and 8.2.

How do I get Toolkit for Kentico?

It's easy!  Download Ttoolkit by hitting the Downloads section in the main menu.

How do I install Extensions?

Once Toolkit for Kentico is installed, it's easy to install Extensions by launching the Toolkit application from within Kentico and selecting the extension you want to install.  The one click install makes it easy to add more extensions without the need for assistance from IT or development.  

How often does Toolkit for Kentico get upgrades?

Annually with minor upgrades through the year.

How do my extensions get updated?

Intalled extensions will show an option to update them in the Toolkit application when updates are available.  Simply clicking the update button will initiate the update.

How do I get support for the Toolkit or Extensions?

Visit the Toolkit for Kentico Help Center on our website for troubleshooting information.  For additional support, you can submit a support ticket to send a message to our support team.  We will respond within 1 working day to any support requests.  


What other extensions will be available in Toolkit?

Plans have been made for extensions to tie Kentico into Siteimprove, SEO tools, and site monitoring to name a few.  We're always looking for new ways to extend the funcationlity available in Kentico.  Have an idea for us?  Send us a note and lets talk about it!