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Eliminate common content mistakes with Siteimprove pre-publish checks and Xperience workflow

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Use Automation to Prevent Mistakes Before Publishing Content

The Siteimprove (Premium extension) adds Siteimprove Pre-Publishing Checks into a Kentico Advanced Workflow. This integration allows for enforcing Siteimprove Policies before a page is published allowing your content editors to work efficiently right when it matters.

  • Pre-Publish Checks: Automate content governance to save time and proactively check and identify errors before your team publishes content, not after.
  • Workflow Integration: Seamlessly integrate Siteimprove checks in Kentico workflows to notify and/or assign the relevant team members and improve collaboration.

Search and Destroy Outdated Contact Info

Make sure new content that is created does not contain obsolete or copied information that makes your organization look bad.

Death to Lorem Ipsum Text on Production

Try as hard as you might, but sometimes Lorum Ipsum text finds its way onto production. Using Siteimprove (Premium extension) with Siteimprove's policies makes sure it doesn't.

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Seamless Integration between Kentico Xperience and Siteimprove at an Ultimate level

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Kentico EMS license and Siteimprove Subscription required

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Siteimprove Policies feature required


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