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Lighthouse: Performance Opportunity (Mobile)

severity-medium page-speed-performance-mobile-top-opportunity


Utilizing Google's PageSpeed Insights (powered by Lighthouse), Constant Care for Kentico will find the Top Opportunity for your site. This is the single, top item you should do next to have the MOST impact on your Performance Score for Mobile.

Check Logic

Constant Care for Kentico will ensure the Lighthouse Mobile Performance Top Opportunity Score is at least 90 (default)

You can manage your settings for this checkup in the Constant Care for Kentico admin settings.


Read your email. It will have the specifics on what needs to be improved. But a list of potential opportunities are here:

For full details, feel free to re-run your report here:

Not sure what to do?

If you are ever unsure about making changes to your site, we encourage you to reach out to your Kentico Xperience Gold Partner. If you do not have a partner, then feel free contact the Constant Care For Kentico team to get connected with an expert.