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You Won't Believe How Easy It Is to Improve Your Kentico Site

February 08, 2021

NewsYou Won't Believe How Easy It Is to Improve Your Kentico Site

You Won't Believe How Easy It Is to Improve Your Kentico Site

February 08, 2021

Below is an actual email alert we received from Constant Care for Kentico:

Constant Care for Kentico email alert

Yikes! 0 of 90 on Mobile. We were wasting over 10 seconds of load time (on slower mobile devices). Not proud, a little embarrassed, but if someone on your team is not thinking about this stuff constantly, issues like this will slip through the cracks. The question is, how fast do you catch these issues? At BizStream, we catch them within a few hours.

How did this happen?

Well, for this particular issue, maybe on the dev site, there were fewer images, and those images were smaller, so there was no real noticeable impact. Then once marketing got a hold of it and started adding a lot more images (in this scenario, a lot of portfolio screenshots), it became a pretty major issue. This really isn't anyone's fault. Things like this happen. There are a ton of standards and considerations to think about when developing and managing content on a website these days. SEO, Mobile, Accessibility, Security, ... the list goes on.

What do we do about it?

Rather than attempting to make sure everyone on our team is perfectly keeping up on 100's of different standards and checks, we (BizStream) decided to automate these checks. This allows our team to do their job more efficiently, focus on what they are good at, and if an exception happens, we get alerted about it and can then take action. This is why Constant Care for Kentico was created.

Back to "Defer offscreen images"

For this particular check, Constant Care for Kentico alert told us to go to

Which led us to:

This was extremely helpful insight. And we were able to quickly improve our site and our visitors' mobile experience.

Having Constant Care for Kentico running every day gives our team peace of mind that major issues like this will not end up on our site.

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This post originally appeared on LinkedIn; see it here.

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