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New Extension: Siteimprove (Premium extension)

June 09, 2020

NewsNew Extension: Siteimprove (Premium extension)

New Extension: Siteimprove (Premium extension)

June 09, 2020

The Toolkit for Kentico keeps growing! We’ve added a sixth extension to the Toolkit, Siteimprove (Premium extension)! 

What is the Siteimprove (Premium extension)?

With Toolkit for Kentico, there are now two ways that the Siteimprove platform can be integrated with Kentico. The Basic extension adds in the Siteimprove CMS plugin to the Kentico Xperience Pages application, whereas the new Premium extension adds Siteimprove Pre-Publishing Checks into a Kentico Xperience Advanced Workflow. 


Example of Siteimprove Premium Workflows in Kentico Xperience

Why Would Someone Want to use this New Extension

Our motivation for creating this extension was simple. We wanted to give content administrators a safeguard to help them create high-quality content faster than ever. Instead of having to wait for quality, SEO, and governance checks after a page is published to the world, increasing the chance of inaccuracies, and potentially having to go back and fix something later, we thought it would be a better idea to proactively check before the publish event happened. Siteimprove’s Pre-Publish check API gave us that ability, and we haven’t looked back since we integrated the Kentico Advanced Workflow to work with Siteimprove. Now we can be confident that Siteimprove Policy checks run and high-quality content exists before a page is live. 

Siteimprove (Premium extension) Features

Siteimprove (Premium extension) features include:

  • All Siteimprove (Basic extension) features
  • Consistency and compliance on your website
  • Siteimprove Pre-Publishing Checks into a Kentico Xperience Advanced Workflow
    • Immediately validate your content against Siteimprove Policies before it is published on the live site.
    • Customize the provided advanced workflow to fit your needs
    • Customize approvals or rejections based on policy matches
    • Automatic re-check

For users who have a Siteimprove subscription with Policies feature enabled, the Siteimprove (Premium) extension offers even more! With Siteimprove Policies, you can create checks for your content that:

  • Finds all images on your product site that are older than a specific timeframe to make sure your product images are up to date.
  • Finds every instance of a former employee's name to check whether it's been removed from the site.
  • Looks for a specific HTML tag on your website to remove old code that doesn't meet best practice.
  • Much more

Get the Siteimprove (Premium extension)

To use the Siteimprove (Premium extension), you will need Kentico Xperience Enterprise (formerly Kentico EMS). 

Install the Toolkit for Kentico and add the Siteimprove extension. The Siteimprove (Premium extension) comes with a 30-day free trial. To purchase go to your account at and select Siteimprove (Premium extension) to continue using the extension. 

Kentico CMS and EMS is now Kentico Xperience

Recently, our technology partner, Kentico, introduced Kentico Xperience. Kentico Xperience is a fresh, new brand for Kentico's digital experience platform (DXP), which replaces its product names Kentico CMS and Kentico EMS. Read more about the rebranding here

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