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Why Constant Care: More Than Just a Point in Time

September 21, 2020

NewsWhy Constant Care: More Than Just a Point in Time

Why Constant Care: More Than Just a Point in Time

September 21, 2020

Many agencies offer a service to do a full audit or assessment on a website. These types of assessments are great tools for taking an in-depth look at your site. They can help bring attention to unnoticed issues that have been happening on your site for a while and even give you a sense of the quality of the code. By their nature, though, these are just snapshots in time. What happens if problems start to occur months, weeks, or even days post assessment?

Issues can arise at any time for many reasons. That is precisely why we built Constant Care for Kentico. Daily, it scans your site, performing several checks that might negatively impact your site’s performance and security, providing… well… constant care. A website is never truly finished. There is always content to write, new features to add, improvements to make, and bugs to fix. With so much activity, it’s easy for problems large and small to slip in unnoticed. Even if your site isn’t in active development, databases grow, hard drives fill up, and software updates sometimes introduce breaking changes. 

Constant Care for Kentico sample email

Constant Care aims to take the burden of monitoring those potential issues off of your plate. Instead of checking every day to make sure there are no errors on your site or failed marketing emails, let Constant Care tell you when there is something that requires your attention. It’s a little bit like a “check engine light” for your business’s online presence.

Like people, no two websites are entirely identical. That is why Constant Care has settings that allow you to customize the checkup settings to match your specific needs. Don’t need one of our many checks on your site? Turn it off! Need to keep a closer eye on things that have a big impact on your site speed? Set those checkups to be more strict and be alerted early.

performance settings in constant care for kentico

Point-in-time assessments can be useful; however, issues can often go unnoticed because your site’s functionality depends on many different moving parts.  You wouldn’t drive your car without warning lights just because you have a mechanic look over it once every year or so, just as you shouldn’t with your site,  one of the most critical parts of your business. 

Learn how to start your 7-day free trial of Constant Care for Kentico.

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