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Connect Installation


Install Connect on the MVC Site

If you have an MVC site, you have one final step for a successful Connect installation. Since your users will be filling out lead forms on your MVC site (not the admin), you will need to add the Connect (non-Admin) package to your MVC site.

For .Net Core 3.1:

  • Install-Package BizStream.KenticoToolkit.AspNetCore.WebApp.Connect.KX13

For .Net Framework: Be sure to use the correct version (based on YOUR version of Kentico):

  • Install-Package BizStream.KenticoToolkit.Connect.KX13
  • Install-Package BizStream.KenticoToolkit.Connect.K12
  • Install-Package BizStream.KenticoToolkit.Connect.K11
  • Install-Package BizStream.KenticoToolkit.Connect.K10
  • Install-Package BizStream.KenticoToolkit.Connect.K9
  • Install-Package BizStream.KenticoToolkit.Connect.K82